University Structure

The university of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg is an independent and self-governing institution comprised of 5 study programs and a research institution:

 > Bachelor’s degree in art in society.
    Art therapy and pedagogy, B.A.

> Bachelor’s degree in performing arts in society.
   Performing Arts pedagogy, B.A.

> Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.
   Fine Arts, B.F.A.

> Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Performing Arts in Society.
   Fine Arts and Performing Arts in Society, M.A/M.F.A.

> Further Education

The Institute for Arts Therapy and Research in Arts and Performing Arts

University Committee

Managing Director       
Andreas Möhle
Management and University Administration           

Academic Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rummel-Suhrcke
University Planning, Fundraising. University Representation for Politics and Economy

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schmid
Study and Teaching, Accreditation and Re-accreditation in particular. Internationalization.

University Administration

Assistant to CEO
Heike Bruns

Denise Wulf

Irina Vdovina

Information and Administration
Elke Holsten

Sabine Krumwiede

Registrar and Student Service
Registrar and Student Service: Fine Arts (B.F.A.) and
Art in Society. Art therapy and pedagogy
Marina Marinov-Spellmeyer

Registrar and Student Service
Performing Arts in Society. Performing Arts pedagogy
Art and Performing Arts in Society (M.A./M.F.A.)
Ingrid Engelhardt

Advisory Service
International Office
Registrar and Student Service (Fine Arts)

Ingrid Engelhardt

IT Support
Marko Marx

Marketing and Communications
Denise Wulf

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Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen (HKS)

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