Our Mission

The university aims for social practice, in which the artistic potential is seen as human’s genuine potential, regardless of social, cultural or ideological affiliations. Teaching and research focus on the development and support such potential through artistic practice in the areas of fine arts, art pedagogy, art therapy and performing arts pedagogy.

Through the study programs, the university provides students opportunity to develop their individual character to be capable to use artistic practice constructively, innovatively and for society.

Art, people and society are the interrelated pillars which solidify artistic or applied and target group-based study programs together in terms of theory and practice. These cornerstones lay the interdisciplinary foundation of curriculum. Art and social action are closely combined with the aim to facilitate and to promote personal and social development as well as health promotion through the medium of art.

The university places artistic activity and aesthetic perception as specific forms of gaining knowledge and experience of the world, communication and life skills.

Art and science are merged in all programs as complementary tools to gain knowledge. The use of their synergy is crucial for professional qualifications.

The university fosters a culture of building good relationship with others. Mutual cooperation also includes the critically constructive discourse between different positions and ideas to response to external and internal demands appropriately.

The university supports students’ activities, initiatives as well as projects engaging the society. It encourages new idea and inspiration of individual as important phase of student’s identity building and key component of life in the university.

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