Art and Theatre in Social Contexts, M.A/M.F.A.

Master’s degree in Art and Theatre in Social Contexts

Length of study:
2 year (part time) or alternate
1 years (full time)

Start: September – February (winter semester) / March – August (summer semester)

The interdisciplinary Master’s degree provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of how art has a powerful healing capacity for people in society. You are encouraged to develop their own project plan and concept and have the opportunity to put their learning into practice with close professional support and insight from supervisors.

The first year of study gives you an excellent academic preparation. It focuses on intensive artistic practice in studio which includes interdisciplinary project forums, public presentations and exhibitions. The exchange of ideas and opinions with fellow classmates and professors enables you to develop your artistic work.

Along with creating artistic work in forms of painting and drawing, photography, video and performance, it is a great opportunity to attend various academic lectures, such as art history, art theory/philosophy, and seminars on professional practice.

In the second year, you will plan, design and implement your own creative projects based on research and academic backgrounds to complete the course with professional confidence.

Career after university

A master’s degree enables you to do social service by helping people with mental, health and emotional difficulties. The focus is on their ability to channel their feelings through the medium of the arts.

You can work professionally in areas like mental health, education, social services and the voluntary sector, as well as in private practice, and increasingly, in business. Typical employers are hospitals, residential institutions, rehabilitation units, mental health facilities, nursing homes, community health centers, educational settings, etc.

It also leads you to a better career opportunity and promotion in management level as well as in academic field – for example; project manager, researcher, analyst, teaching staff.

Contact Person
Ariane Weidemann
T 04205-3949-36

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