Master Kunst und Theater im Sozialen, Ausstellungssituation

Why study with us

Top 3 reasons to study at HKS

1. Specially designed programs

As a specialist provider of art and art therapy in Europe we offer a unique experience. Our programs in fine arts, art therapy and performing arts pedagogy are specially designed to bring you a high level of artistic skill and therapeutic expertise. Throughout your time here, you will learn to independently develop your own artistic concept as an artist as well as relevant knowledge of therapy and pedagogy for work in a variety of settings. Our teaching staffs are professionals and always there to support you.

2. International experience is vital to your future

By coming here, you will immerse yourself in a multifaceted, creative and intercultural scene, allowing you to take inspiration from various disciplines. Change is accepted, personal expression is celebrated, and diversity is all around. Studying with us means you will build a global network of friends and contacts and gain a truly international outlook on life. Independence, creativity and confidence are invaluable products of your time studying with us. The international experience you will gain here will be like your passport to the world of work.

3. Broaden your horizon with German language

Whatever plans you may have for the future, knowledge of German will benefit both your work and life. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Learning German can connect you to 120 million native speakers around the globe. It is the 3rd most popular foreign language taught worldwide and a gateway to the world’s famous art and culture, psychology, philosophy and many more.

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