Master Kunst und Theater im Sozialen, Ausstellungssituation

Art in Social Contexts. Art Therapy, B.A.

What is Art therapy?

>   Art therapy is a non-verbal form of communication. It employs the creation of art as a means of resolving emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness and personal growth in education, rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

>   It incorporates art, psychology, and therapeutic techniques to provide a creative alternative to conventional therapies as a healing process.

>   To create art means to open new visual and spiritual space. It brings people into touch with themselves and the world around them.

>   Art therapists facilitate and accompany this process, helping people to find appropriate forms of expression.

At HKS - University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg, you will learn to create and integrate art into a variety of social contexts through our specially designed program and training in art therapy and education.


Bachelor’s degree in Art in Social Contexts. Art Therapy and Art Education

Length of study: 4 years

Start: September – February (winter semester) / March – August (summer semester)

Art therapy and Art Education (fine arts course) cover a wide range of competencies, including artistic professionalism and social, pedagogic and therapeutic qualifications. Focus is placed on practice and aesthetic experience to let your continuing development as an artist grow and use your creative arts to complement therapy as an art therapist.

Alongside with opportunities for creative work in studio, you will attend seminars and lectures on various subjects, such as art, medicine, anthroposophy, anthropology, social pedagogy and psychology.

To complete the course, you will work on and present a final project and complete work placement, an important part of the study in which you learn to formulate theory and practice to work in professional world.

Career after university

Art Therapy is a great career choice for those who enjoy art and psychology and are interested in helping others with mental health and emotional problems. Art therapists work with people of all ages and social background, disabilities and needs, with individuals and groups.

You can offer professional, valuable and unique service in a variety of settings, including psychiatric and medical hospitals, therapeutic institutions, clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, schools, cultural centres, galleries, community centers, as well as in private practice and business sectors.

Art Therapy is well and widely known these days as distinguished health support and the demand of employment within this field is increasing.

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