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Fine Arts, B.F.A.

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Length of study: 4 years

Start: September – February (winter semester) / March – August (summer semester)

The program introduces you to practical and theoretical principles of fine arts, including drawing, painting, graphic printing, sculpture, installation, photography, digital media, performance, etc.

Through hands-on experience in studio, you will develop your own creative artistic concept and implement object-related artworks with your own creative approach. Painting and sculpture may be elected as major subjects.

Teaching staff will supervise and support you throughout your study. You will attend seminars and lectures on such as art theory, philosophy and sociology. Along with individual and group discussions on students’ work, there will be excursions as well as opportunities to conduct art projects outside the school.

In the final phase of the study, you will implement and present a final project. 

Career after university

Fine arts graduates often specialise in a particular form of art such as painting, drawing, installations, sculpture or printmaking. They splinter off into a broad range of career directions, from teaching to management to media and advertising.

Self-employment, short-term residencies or commissions are the main career opportunities. Works in the creative arts sector, such as art galleries and museums, theatre, film and crafts, advertising, publishing and illustrating would be suited to fine art graduates.

Teaching, art therapy and working for community arts projects offer socially and educationally focused careers, plus arts administration and management would give an alternative perspective to the graduates.

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Ariane Weidemann
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