Work placement
at Mohibi High School, Kabul

Student Project by Anahita Latifi

Report on the work placement

Anahita Latifi, student in Art therapy and pedagogy program, chose to do her work placement from 17 March to 22 April 2012 at Mohibi High School in Kabul.

The school, located in the west of Kabul, was built 5 years ago. There are eight classrooms, a library and a laboratory. 2,800 students are divided in two shifts. The school offers classes from grade1-12 and each class has 40-60 students.

Anahita Latifif Mohibi taught art class for grade 4 to 6 students. During the art class, they learned about colors and discovered several shades of colors together. Later each student painted by themselves. In addition, the students offered an art group after class that everyone was able to attend.   No guideline on what or how to paint, the pupils were allowed to freely express what they wanted to explore.

Another project is what she worked together with grade 1 students. Due to the sandy and dusty atmosphere, we planted a few trees at the school. Planting, caring and watering the trees were grade 1 students’ responsibility. These included educational explanations about the importance of plants.

There were also difficulties with the teaching plan. "Since water was not always available there, I had to set it ahead. Therefore, the class was rescheduled quite often. It was a great experience for students to have someone from Europe at their school. They were very curious and had so many questions about my life in Germany.", says the art therapy student. There was also a group of students gather together. They want to learn German language.

"It was a great time working at this school. In spite of the difficulties in Afghanistan at the moment, it was a valuable experience for me to be able to do the internship in Afghanistan," says Anahita Latifi.

Studentin Anahita Latifi: in schwarz gekleidet

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