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Dance and Theatre in Social Contexts, B.A.

Theatre arts creates new experiences for people to get to know and to express themselves better. This creative performance can help and heal people in a very special way, bringing people to think about themselves.

It is all about storytelling, character, self-portrait, play, dance, singing and improvisation.


Bachelor’s degree in Theatre in Social Contexts. Theatre Pedagoy

Length of study: 3,5 years (7 semesters)

Start: September– February (winter semester) / March – August (summer semester)

Performance activities lie at the heart of the program, including drama, dance, and music. You will encounter an extensive range of practical explorations to complement your academic studies. A wide variety of learning and teaching methods and strategies will enhance your diverse competencies in performing arts.

You will be able not only to express yourself by acting or dancing, but also to work together with and train others in innovative and dynamic ways. The course employs in studio, training class, or small group.

We see theatre as a place where one can express and interact freely and playfully with others. Therefore, the focus is on dialogue to stimulate relationships between individuals accompanied with artistic, pedagogic or therapeutic approaches.

At the end of each semester you will present a project work which is a great opportunity to get a feedback from peers and public. There will also be work placement and a final dissertation in the last year of your study, preparing you to professional career.

Career after university

As performing art therapist, you will be working with people from different backgrounds to bring about positive changes in their lives, for example children or adults with disabilities, emotional or behavioural problem, mental illness or recovering from addictions.

Performing art therapist explore one’s needs, values, crisis in the life cycle, improvise performing art in such a fashion so that people can understand own needs, or encourage them to try and use their bodies to explore movement and communicate through appropriate form of performing arts which will help improve people's emotional wellbeing, relieve stress and improve confidence.

You can work as a freelancer or in nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centres, for intercultural projects, as well as in large commercial theatre companies or small groups.

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Ariane Weidemann
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