Velada Santa Lucia 2013

Artistic project in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Ottersberg - Maracaibo - Ottersberg

The second study tour of 16 HKS students to Maracaibo in Venezuela kicked off on 19 February 2013.

In 2010 7 students in fine arts program travelled with the project “mosquitoes bite and toads lick - in the footsteps of Humboldt to Venezuela" under the direction of Professor Michael Dörner together with students from Universidad del Zulia , Facultad de Arte Experimental participate (FEDA) and Professor Luis Goméz at the Velada 2010 in Santa Lucia. The study tour, the project, the cooperation and participation in the exhibition ended with a great success.

Later in June 2010, 10 students from the Universidad del Zulia, Facultad de Arte Experimental (FEDA) travelled to Germany. At the art gallery Faust in Hannover, they developed the work continuously and showcased their projects’ installation and reconstruction at an exhibition.

The documentation of the entire project can be found in Catalog of Velada 2010, student newspaper as well as press clippings. The students attended the former project were also at Hamburg Art Week 2012 and Velada Remix Hamburg.

Preparation of the 2013 project started since last fall semester. The participants of this study tour are students from all programs (fine arts, art therapy and performing arts pedagogy) as we aim at interdisciplinary and international orientation of HKS.

This time the project begins with a joint seminar of the Venezuelan and German students and an exhibition before the official start of the Velada 2013 at University of Zulia, Maracaibo. Each team will have members from both universities working on projects together. To reduce communication and acclimatisation difficulties, a team list will be announced in advance. The experience from 2010 shows that this intercultural cooperation not only builds mutual friendship, but also excellently supports the idea exchange.

Venezuelan students will take part in Hamburg Art Week in May 2013 for and the Velda remix at Otterberg and Hamburg. Also students from both institutions will work collaborately on exhibitions and projects at the university's level one gallery as well as other venues.

A Venezuela Blog will update you the recent and current activities. At the end of the project, a catalog will be published. Read the blog here.

By running a flea market and an auction of students’ works not only supported the finance as well as material of this study tour, but also provided students a valuable professional practice opportunity.

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Prof. Michael Dörner

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