Time for Momo

After "Kra Kra Krabat", "Jim Knopf, Molar and the Wild 13", "Time for Momo" is the third production of the integrative theater project of the Rotenburger. 20 men and women together with residents from Kalandshof and Rotenburg as well as students of the HKS, Otterberg. Following a successful tour in Lower Saxony is now time for the 30 minute-show at Poppy Festival (Klatschmohnfestival) .

Inspired by the novel of Michael Ende, the story talks about our time. We take the time for our important things or they steal from us. Momo, a little girl with mysterious origin, is remarkable in the neighbourhood because of her extraordinary ability to listen. This pleasant atmosphere is spoiled by the arrival of Men in Grey who try to steal people's time.  But Momo is very special friends, who help people restore their life back. One of them is a turtle Cassiopeia from Hawaii.

The musicians were Karin Christoph and Reinhard Roehrs with their own composed songs as well as handmade masks and game gave the show such special touch. The play was directed by Hans-Joachim Reich and Christiane Reich Ludwig.

May 2012

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